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Abrasive base cloth

Podkladová plátna pro smirky
Platex produces various alternatives of base cloths for abrasive cloths depending on the final process.

This means:
  • all used categories of weight
  • various alternatives of glue or synthetic impregnation
  • various stiffness rates
  • various strengths
  • special modifications for using the final product in belts or sheets
Base cloths for abrasives are commonly supplied in a width of 940 - 2050 mm.

Naturally we ensure fast delivery of fabric samples for testing, for both each new interested party and loyal customers.

Our materials are optimised for the most demanding use so that they meet the user’s expectations for durability and dimensional stability. They are manufactured on modern machines and controlled using sophisticated controlling methods.

Our ongoing development is aimed at achieving improved alternatives from the perspective of usable properties while taking into account the economic requirements of the customers.
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