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Bookbinding cloth (Balatex)

Knihařská plátna

At present, Platex produces the following alternatives to bookbinding cloths:


  • With acrylate or other water dispersive based coats (e.g. Mondial, Mondial Metallic)
  • With classic starch coats (e.g. Classic)
  • With or without paper backing


  • Paper backed on the basis of a viscose uni-dyed fabric (e.g.  Imperial, Savanna, Arizona, Nevada)
  • Paper backed on the basis of cotton uni-dyed fabric


  • Bright cotton woven (e.g. Coloret)
  • Flax-cotton mix (e.g. Netral)
  • With special natural coatings (e.g. Rexa)
Cloths are suitable for books, folders, photo albums, menus, diaries, notepads, mounts, various envelopes, luxury cartonnage etc. and enables you to reach superior results when using foil stamping, blind embossing, screen printing, offset printing and when applying self-adhesive labels.

Bookbinding cloths are commonly produced in rolls 100 cm, 107 cm, 132 cm and 137 cm wide or in sheets from 5 cm to 132 cm in one direction and in weights from 140 g/m2 to 300 g/m2.

New types are continuously being developed.

Apart from the Czech Republic, bookbinding cloths are supplied through the company BN International B.V. Colour alternatives and other information is stated in the respective website:

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