Manufacturer of bookbinding materials
and abrasive base cloth

Welcome to the website of the company BN International, s.r.o. (dříve Platex, s.r.o.) - from June 2015 our main web is www.bnint.cz

BN International, s.r.o. (dříve Platex, s.r.o.)is a traditional manufacturer of technical fabrics. More than 100 years of experience with various treatment technologies of technical fabrics, mainly with coatings, impregnation, dyeing and bonding textiles enables us to manufacture quality materials. Our main clients are from the graphic industry, manufacturers of sanding media and several other industrial sectors as well.
From June 2015 our main web is www.bnint.cz
Platex, s.r.o. produces  technical fabrics. Now technical fabrics are produced using an environmentally friendly technology and they form the main part of the production programme. The main products are bookbinding cloths and coated paper for graphic industry and abrasive base cloths.
Cloths are made in various alternatives and are exported to more than 35 countries all over the world.
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